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This podcast series is hosted by World Wide Technology, the leader in integrated IT solutions. In each episode a different group of WWT subject matter experts and partners have an informative and entertaining discussion on the important topics facing organizations in today’s dynamic IT environment.
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Feb 17, 2020

Today, Ops teams face increasingly complex operational environments while simultaneously dealing with reductions in time, budgets, resources and team sizes. How can organisations cope with this paradox and successfully do more with less?

In the second episode in our four-part podcast series on AIOps, Jas Binning from WWT, Kingsley Hughes-Morgan from Cisco AppDynamics and Aseem Anwar from Turbonomic explore how AIOps tools can be used to alleviate the difficulty of managing increasingly complex environments with reduced ops resources.

For more information about anything we’ve discussed, please visit or reach out to Jas Binning or Paul Robinson if you have specific questions about how AIOps can support your business.

Getting Started with AIOps

Defeating the Loading Wheel, Is APM Enough to Keep Your Customers Happy

WWT is Taking AppDynamics From the War Room to the Board Room

WWT + AppDynamics:  Better Together

Turbonomic Lab


Jas Binning, WWT

Paul Robinson, WWT



Jan 31, 2020

In our always-on, ever-connected age, businesses can no longer tolerate operational downtime.  Many are turning to sophisticated AI Operations (AIOps) solutions to help nip operational disruption in the bud.  But what exactly is AIOps?  In the first of a four-part TEC17 series on AIOps, Jas Binning from World Wide Technology’s London team and Keith Whiteside from E2Tech look to define AI Operations, and explore its potential to solve real-world business challenges.

Getting Started with AIOps

Defeating the Loading Wheel:  Is APM enough to keep your customers happy? 

WWT is Taking AppDynamics from the War Room to the Board Room

WWT + AppDynamics:  Better Together

Turbonomic Lab

Jasbir Binning, WWT

Paul Robinson, WWT




Jan 17, 2020

Zero Trust architecture is the nirvana of enterprise segmentation.  With the current state of cybersecurity and advanced threats that exist today, security teams want this approach.  In today’s episode of World Wide Technology’s TEC17, experts Aaron Woland of Cisco and Kent Noyes of WWT discuss this ultimate approach to cybersecurity threats.  Aaron and Kent discuss what Zero Trust is, how it helps business organizations, why it is a journey worth moving toward, what are some common applications for Zero Trust architecture and the solutions that Cisco and WWT can provide to businesses to advance on the journey toward the ultimate goal of Zero Trust.

Forrester Zero Trust Extended Report

Jericho Form Commandments

NIST Zero Trust Report

AppSec is Eating Security - Alex Stamos Keynote

Cisco Zero Trust - A Holistic Approach

5 Steps to Building a Zero Trust Security Model

WWT Enterprise Segmentation Practice

Cisco Zero Trust Security Practice



Nov 18, 2019

Not all network traffic is created equal. Some require fast speeds while others demand low latency. Still, some packets seek the cheapest route. Segment Routing serves as a smart GPS for all network traffic to follow, creating a more intelligent network while improving capacity utilization, leading to lower cost and greater user satisfaction.





Nov 7, 2019

Container orchestration has drastically affected the way organizations build, ship and run software.  One of the most effective solutions  that can address this challenge is Kubernetes.  In this episode of World Wide Technology’s TEC17 series two of WWT’s subject matter experts, Eric Becker and Sebastien Berube, talk about the NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) and why it is chosen over other Kubernetes offerings.  Eric and Sebastien also discuss what Kubernetes is in general, why Kubernetes is chosen as an open-source container system, what are some of the primary benefits of NKS and how WWT provides solutions and support to enterprise customers in this space. 

NetApp Kubernetes Service

 NetApp Cloud Data Management Workshop

Oct 18, 2019

Demand for Mobile Edge Computing is expected to grow for a wide range of applications as the increased bandwidth and decreased latency of 5G enables more data to be processed at the edge. But what is the edge? Where is the edge? And why does it exist? Joe Wojtal, chief technology officer of World Wide Technology’s Global Service Provider organization, and Eric Braun, chief commercial officer of MobiledgeX, discuss the business impact of edge computing and review their partnership to accelerate global mobile edge computing deployments at scale utilizing certified infrastructure that immediately ready to monetize by fulfilling next-gen application and device requirements for developers worldwide. 



Oct 9, 2019

Cryptomining is one of the most serious cyber threats in the online world right now as it relates to cryptocurrency, and possibly one of the least understood.  In this new TEC17 episode from World Wide Technology, Mike Schmidt of WWT and Austin McBride from Cisco’s Umbrella practice discuss this serious cyber threat.  Mike and Austin talk about what cryptomining is, the threat and growth of the related cryptojacking threat, the difference between web-based and software-based miners, what organizations are most vulnerable to these threats and the solutions that WWT and Cisco offer that will address this threat for enterprise customers.

 Cryptomining Article from WWT

Sep 11, 2019

When organizations looks at solutions to help them address Network Automation, they typically look for one solution.  But there is another approach, that being a multi-OEM solution.  That is the subject of a talk that will be given at Ansiblefest 2019 in Atlanta by Jeff Andiorio from World Wide Technology.  Jeff gives a preview of his talk in this episode of TEC17.  In this episode Jeff explains what Ansiblefest is, tools that can be used to automate the network, what API is and why it is so important, why a multi-solution approach is preferred for network automation and what are Ansible and DNA Center.


WWT's Networking Practice 

WWT's Automation and Orchestration Practice 

Ansiblefest 2019 

Register for Jeff's Ansiblefest Session

Solving the Network Automation Puzzle with Ansible

Operation Soft Cell:  The Cybersecurity Threat Targeting Telco and Critical Infrastructure Companies

Aug 23, 2019

Organizations are rapidly becoming more decentralized, with employees utilizing various devices — laptops, mobile phones and tablets — to do work that is oftentimes performed in non-traditional corporate office settings. This makes it difficult for internal IT teams to secure networks or provide quality digital workspaces for employees. Deploying a unified endpoint management system, such as VMware's Workspace ONE, helps mitigate these challenges. But step one in transforming your digital workspace is migrating your operating system to Windows 10, which comes with its own set of challenges.

Resource Links

WWT Desktop Migration

WWT CPMigrator Overview Video

Windows 10 Migration with CPMigrator Workshop

VMware Workspace ONE Workshop



Aug 6, 2019

One of the most serious cyber threats in the last few years is Soft Cell.  This cyber threat has been targeting telecommunication companies for years.  In 2018 it was spotted and identified by Cybereason.  In this new TEC17 podcast from World Wide Technology (WWT) Matt Berry from the WWT Security practice and two experts from Cybereason,  Israel Barak and Maor Franco, discuss what the Soft Cell threat is and why it is so important.  Our experts also discuss why Soft Cell is a threat to other verticals besides telecommunications, how enterprise organizations can assess if they are vulnerable to the Soft Cell threat and the solutions that the WWT and Cybereason partnership offer to these organizations to counter this serious cyber threat.



WWT Security Practice


Cybereason's Operation Soft Cell

Jul 17, 2019

We all live in a digital world.   The performance of a company’s applications affects customer satisfaction, employees and company revenue.  Application Performance Management (APM) is an extremely important tool that monitors performance issues and makes sure that they don’t have a negative effect on the bottom line.  In this TEC17 episode, Tanner Bechtel from World Wide Technology (WWT) and Josh King from AppDynamics (AppD) discuss this important topic.  They define APM and how it helps to monitor customer’s digital experience, why it is so important in today’s tech climate, as App loyalty is the new Brand loyalty, how the partnership between WWT and AppD is uniquely positioned to deliver these solutions and they provide a look to the future of APM and Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOPS).


AIOps Article

Jun 26, 2019

Security visibility is an issue that has become increasingly important to organizations in today’s IT environment. In this special TEC 17 episode, we are sharing the audio version of our latest TEC37 video panel episode from World Wide Technology (WWT).   Bob Olwig, WWT Vice President, hosts a dynamic discussion with WWT Security practice experts Chris Konrad and Rudy Kasprzyk, along with two of WWT's Security practice partners, Dylan Deanda from Tanium and Kevin Kriebel from Expanse. The panel discusses why Security Visibility is important and how organizations need to know what's on their network. Some of the topics they cover are asset discovery, the broadening of attack services, patch management and how WWT, Tanium and Expanse work together to help their customers.


Security Visibility Blog, with WWT, Tanium and Expanse


TEC37 video version

Jun 8, 2019

Ameren is a major power company that services St. Louis, Missouri and regions of southern Missouri and neighboring Illinois.  They were looking to have their machines run more efficiently and to reduce costs.  Working with World Wide Technology (WWT), Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) was seen as the best solution to achieve these goals.  In this TEC17 episode, Lorne Poindexter from Ameren and Chandler Heath from WWT define CBM, why CBM is important to manufacturers as a whole, Ameren’s evolution from Time Based Maintenance (TBM) to CBM, how WWT has helped Ameren in this transition from TBM to CBM and the benefits of CBM moving forward.


WWT and Internet of Things

Apr 17, 2019

WWT is participating in the Cisco DevNet Create conference on April 24 – 25. DevNet Create focuses on enabling developers, infrastructure and DevOps engineers to write software which integrates with the application programming interfaces (APIs) of Cisco products. WWT’s Joel King is presenting at DevNet Create, and in this episode Joel discusses the importance of the Application Security initiative in Cloud Managed Networks.  In addition, Joel discusses how this process will evolve as networking moves from running on physical hardware to a Software Defined Networking (SDN) future.


WWT at DevNet Create 2019

Apr 6, 2019

The Mobile World Congress took place In Barcelona, Spain this past February.  One of the big takeaways from the Congress was the migration to a Virtual Central Office (VCO) solution for Service Providers (SP), based on Intel architecture.  To break all this down, WWT’s Joe Wojtal and Bob Elfanbaum, along with Intel’s Paul Mundinger discuss some of the key issues around the new VCO deployment.  Some of the topics that are discussed include how SPs will monetize their major investment in 5G, how WWT delivers value to SPs in the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) space and supports these integration efforts, the technology needs for deploying on-premise for SPs and how the partnership between WWT and Intel will deploy this technology on the customer premises.


WWT's Top Takeaways from the Mobile World Congress

Service Providers must consider the entire value chain


Mar 23, 2019

At its core, cloud data management is about what it means for an organization to have control and ownership of their data.  When they do, they can move data to areas of the business where it holds the greatest value to generate revenue more quickly.  To realize this, organizations must understand the structure and classification of data and how to manage it on-premise, off-premise and in multiple public clouds.  This requires navigating cloud native services and storage options.  In this episode of TEC17, WWT cloud data management experts, Steve Gregory and Sebastien Berube, dig into the benefits of a cloud data management capability and what organizations should be focusing on to achieve business value.


WWT's MultiCloud Practice

Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure


Mar 19, 2019

At Enterprise Connect 2019 on March 19, Cisco has announced Cognitive Collaboration,  which is a host of collaboration products with built-in Artificial Intelligence.  The products span meetings, contact center, and UC and fit under the umbrella of cognitive collaboration.  To discuss what Cognitive Collaboration is, Joe Berger and Brandon Echele from WWT’s Collaboration practice talk about the solutions that Cognitive Collaboration brings, how it has evolved from Unified Communications, where this new product can lead to and the role Artificial Intelligence plays in these new Collaboration offerings.


Cognitive Collaboration:  Cisco's X Factor


Mar 11, 2019

Machine Learning and Deep Learning are technology tools that organizations have been using to incorporate Artificial Intelligence technology in their IT practices.  These tools provide valuable solutions but also require best practice applications to deploy within these organizations.  In this audio version of World Wide Technology’s latest episode of their Between the Racks video series, WWT’s Tim Brooks and Matt DuBell, along with Tony Paikeday from NVIDIA, discuss how they work with customers to provide solutions using these technology tools.  They discuss how customers use NVIDIA’s DGX technology to deploy these technologies to provide solutions and several use cases where this technology has provided valuable benefits to organizations.


Artificial Intelligence


AI Research and Development


Deep Learning with NVIDIA DGX-1


Jan 19, 2019

Digital Transformation.  Digital Disruption.  These are challenges that every organization is facing today and will be in the future.  What solutions and tools can organizations use to meet these challenges?   WWT’s Chris Infanti and Charley Summers discuss this important topic in today’s episode.  They discuss how these Digital Solutions help to meet the challenges that are created by this new Digital Transformation.  They also highlight two specific use cases where digital solutions have been used, and finally, how those applications can be utilized in any industry.


Auto Racing and Digital Analytics


AI and Racing


Driving Success through Data Analytics


Data Analytics 101

Dec 15, 2018

Service providers have been on the leading edge in bandwidth and back office systems.  How are they adjusting to the proliferation of enterprises operating large and complex networks as well?  WWT experts Ron Whitt, Justin van Schaik, Roudy Devis and Tom Pagan discuss this issue by focusing on the example of Global Financial companies.  They define Service Orchestration and how it grew in the Service Provider space, how the solution expanded in Global Financial services and the solution tools that WWT offers to customers in this space.


WWT Service Orchestration Blog Post

Nov 30, 2018

We’ve heard a lot about Branch of the Future and the customized digital services it provides to customers in many settings.  But one people may not have thought of is how Branch of the Future can help auto dealers.  Listen to WWT’s Dan Rojas and Joe Hainline talk about what Branch of the Future is and how it works in the Auto Dealer category.  Dan and Joe discuss why auto dealers is such a strong application for Branch of the Future, how ready auto dealers are for this transformation, what has been learned in other verticals that can apply to auto dealers and how auto dealers can evaluate whether they should undergo this transformation.


Branch of the Future – A managed service


WWT’S Branch of the Future practice

Nov 14, 2018

Our experience in the workplace has evolved greatly in the past few years.  How have these changes made our job easier and enhanced workforce productivity?  WWT’s Joe Berger and Brandon Echele discuss how these changes have enhanced workforce productivity and even lowered real estate costs.  They talk specifically about Huddle Rooms, including what are the characteristics of Huddle Rooms and how they make the workforce more productive.


Huddle Spaces Blog Post


New Cisco product release


WWT Collaboration practice

Oct 13, 2018

As cybersecurity challenges continue to increase for enterprise organizations, WWT works with partners to address these challenges.  Syncurity is one of those valuable partners.  In this episode, Matt Berry of WWT returns to the podcast, along with Tom Young from Syncurity.  Matt gives an update on the Innovation pod at WWT on Endpoint Security.   Then Matt and Tom discuss solutions and outcomes that Syncurity provides, the challenges customers face that WWT and Syncurity solutions can address, how these solutions differ from other alternatives and use case examples for these solutions.


Integrated Endpoint Security Architecture (IESA):


IESA Commercial Overview:

Sep 29, 2018

Most of us in technology know about SD-WAN and SD-Data Center.  Now there is a new solution for Software Defined, SD in the Branch.  WWT Mobility experts Bill Thompson and Dan Huber will tell you what SD-Branch is and how it has evolved from SD-WAN and SD-Data Center. 


Bill and Dan also talk about what’s the easiest way to integrate all of our devices together and how to make those complex situations easier to manage, the issues in the network that an SD-Branch deployment can address and the solutions that WWT offer in this new Software-Defined Technology.


Mobility Analytics




Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Sep 8, 2018

This TEC17 episode is the live recording of WWT’s  Between the Racks series focusing on Deception Technology. When you hear “Deception”, its normally in a negative context. But Deception Technology can actually be a good thing in turning the tables on cyberattacks. In this episode, WWT cybersecurity experts Rick Dudeck, Kent Noyes and Warren Perils discuss the kinds of breaches and attacks that Deception Technology can counter, the use cases where Deception Technology is especially effective and what WWT offers in implementing Deceptive Technology solutions.

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